Welcome To River Street

It is only in the darkness that she is truly afraid. A light, any light, even from many feet away, is enough to dispel the demons that gather around her, that hold her hostage. The darkness, inky blackness from which anything can reach to tear at her hair, her clothes, her limbs… that is what she fears. As well, she should.

She never knew when that light would fail, when that darkness would fall and the shadows would overtake her. She never knew quite what would happen when she sank down into the unknown blackness; she didn’t know who or what would be waiting for her there. So when she surfaced and saw the cold body of her lover curled in the corner of their shared, shabby, apartment, naturally she screamed. One continuous, perfect, endless note sang out for all to hear until her voice reflected the state of her mind. She preferred any other demon at all to the one she knew and not even the brightest spotlight would penetrate the dark pit she’d thrown herself in. Her scream tapered off to a raw silence long before anyone was able to break down the door.