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WELCOME TO RIVER STREET is a collection of three suspenseful tales filled with tyrannical men, revengeful women, and several dead bodies.

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Contact Information:


Amy M. Levy
3305 Spring Lake Ct, Fairfax, VA 22030

(202) 341-8707


Fey Publishing, attn Sophie Childs, New Zealand

Biography (short):

Amy M. Levy grew up in southern Maine in an old farmhouse by a saltwater marsh. She graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in computer science and attended graduate school at the University of Kentucky. Amy now lives in northern Virginia with her husband and two dogs, where, in addition to writing, she practices photography and sews custom corsets, costumes and other curious clothing. Some of Amy’s other writings appeared in the collection Idol Musings, also from Fey Publishing.

Potential interview questions:

  • Where did the idea for these stories come from? Is it true that many of the more outlandish things that happen are based on real events from your life?
  • Why does Michelle seem to be such an unsympathetic character?  Is the reader supposed to like her?
  • Without giving too much away, what really happened in the short story ‘Throwaway’? Who is the real victim?
  • Isn’t this book a little racy?
  • Are you ever going back to River Street?  Will we see these characters again?

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or for more information, please feel free to contact either the author directly or her publisher via the contact information above.

Images available:

Welcome To River Street - Cover Image

Cover Image © Amy M. Levy

Author Image

Photo © Emerald Lens Photography

Back Cover Photo

Photo © Emerald Lens Photography

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